Wednesday, September 9, 2009

COOKING DAY, PART 6: Yellow Tomato Soup

First, thank you, Mike the Commenter. Bon Appetit’s Yellow Tomato Soup was/is outrageously good. It’s the Husband-Elect’s favorite dish thus far today, and I doubled the recipe, meaning we have 12-1/2 cups of the stuff to tide us over the winter. And? AND?!? It used up seven more tomatoes. For that, I throw you a party in my head. (See it? Yay! We’re having so much fun. I think it’s because the DJ is David Bowie.)

Of course, part of the soup’s inherent goodness is due to copious amounts of bacon. But the portions are so large, you’re getting less than one slice per serving (meaning same taste, less fat). Also, though the original recipe called for heavy cream, I subbed in 2% evaporated milk, making the whole deal about 2,000,000 calories lighter. Again, numbers and recipes will be coming over the next few days, but it’s good to know.

My kitchen looks like someone hacked Big Bird to death.

25 tomatoes down, 13 to go.

P.S. See how the soup isn't yellow? There's chipotle in there. Lots of chipotle. God bless America.

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