Wednesday, September 9, 2009

COOKING DAY: 39 Yellow Tomatoes, 11 Hours, No Mercy

Every couple of months, Crystal over at Money Saving Mom does a Baking Day, during which she preps mounds of waffles, muffins, breads, and whatnot. The food is largely healthy and always inexpensive, and the quantities produced are enough to last her family well into 2025 (a.k.a. “Considering Their Farm Team, the Next Time the Mets Have Any Shot at the Pennant Whatsoever”).

When I was among the employed, pulling off this kind of awesome would have been impossible, due to time constraints. However, I’m between gigs these days (oh, freelancing), and seem to have a few minutes on my hands. Coincidentally, I also have 39 yellow tomatoes, delivered last night by Rachel. (It was only HALF of her CSA haul, if you can believe it.) Since the Husband-Elect and I are going away this weekend, these guys have to be cooked and frozen a.s.a.p.

So, for the next 10 or 11 hours, I’ll be making a gaggle of yellow tomato-based dishes, with semi-real-time updates. There’ll be pictures! And, um, updates! And – did I already mention the updates? Anyway, FEEL THE EXCITEMENT.

Problem is, I’ve never made anything with a yellow tomato in my life. Ever. I’m going to have a Caprese Salad for lunch and take a shot at Suzanne Goin’s Yellow Tomato Gazpacho this afternoon, but beyond that, I’m clueless. And this means only one thing …


If you’ve ever handled a yellow tomato in your life, I want to know how. What did you pair with it? How did you cook it? What happened afterward? The only thing I can’t do is can or jar anything, as I don’t have the equipment or know-how. But anything else is fair game.

Okay! Here goes! First update in a few hours!

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