Wednesday, September 9, 2009

COOKING DAY, PART 4: Yellow Tomato Sauce

Darkness approaches. Unable – or unwanting - to comprehend the produce massacre it sees before itself, the sun sets over the West, to return anon. El mundo llora. Brooklyn settles, as a lone, perspiring woman drives her scimitar through another juicy, yellow victim. Also, blood.

-from Cormac McCarthy’s upcoming novel
The Vegetable Butcher
(in bookstores, 2025)

Woof. It’s been a long day already, and there are still more than half the tomatoes to go. On one hand, this is great exercise for the callous on my chopping hand. On the other hand … Mommy?

So far, though, the day is wielding excellent results, food-wise. A reader named Sarah posted her own recipe for Yellow Tomato Sauce in the comment section, and it turned out very, very well. Here’s a picture for posterity:

Five tomatoes, 1-1/2 carrots, and a big ol’ onion made about three cups of sauce, which the Husband-Elect and I will be using up very quickly, methinks. Excellent.

Currently, I’m about halfway through Yellow Tomato Soup, and am gearing up for Stuffed Tomatoes Provence (if I don’t eat all the olives first).

Then … gazpacho? Here’s hoping.

11 tomatoes down, 28 to go.

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