Wednesday, September 9, 2009

COOKING DAY, PART 5: Provencal Stuffed Tomatoes

Folks, this is not my picture. In fact, it’s so far from the picture I took, that if pictures were actors, this picture is Laurence Olivier, and mine is Andie MacDowell. (*shudder*) Night hit here about an hour ago, which means the possibility of me taking a halfway decent photo of food, people, or anything besides big blotches of yellow has dropped precipitously. Thusly, this one is bogarted from the Food Network.

They're Provencal Stuffed Tomatoes, they come from the aforementioned Network of Food, and while tasty, are very very very very watery. I ate one by itself, and would not suggest it. However, I would suggest placing it on top of a small mound of pasta, because I imagine it would go quite nicely – kind of like breaking a sunny side-up egg on an English Muffin. Only, y'know, with tomatoes.

I want a hot dog. Anyone?

19 tomatoes down, 20 to go.

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