Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 10 Links of the Week: 10/23/09 – 10/29/09

Great googly moogly, there are just a ton of quality links this week, many Halloween-related. A quick, exciting reminder, too: CHG now has both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hooray for inconsequential-yet-amusing methods of modern communication!

1) Eater: Rachael Ray Starts a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Petition
In what can only be described as a national travesty, Hall & Oates have not yet been inducted to – or even NOMINATED for – the RRHOF. But one little-known television chef is pulling for them. Sign up! Private eyes are watching you!

2) New York Times: Living for Candy, and Sugar-Coated Goblins

It’s every kid’s dream: Paul Rudnick is 51, and has eaten nothing but refined sugar foods since he was six. Somehow, he’s not dead. A recent day’s menu: “a plain bagel, a three-pack of Yodels, a small can of dry-roasted peanuts, some Hershey’s Kisses, and some breakfast cereal, which he eats by the handful, dry, out of the box.” You gotta read it to believe it.

3) The Atlantic: Meatless Mondays Draw Industry Ire
Y’know, I don't usually swear on CHG, but this is some bullhockey. Horsecrap. Buffalo Chips. A big bag of fertilizer. Summarized: kids in Baltimore are getting chili and lasagna for lunch one day of the week. Meat industry execs are peeved. One in particular - Janet Riley of the American Meat Institute - should be ashamed of herself.

4) Slate: Supermarket Sweep - Using coupons to get free groceries.

Writer Alicia Barney dives headfirst into hardcore couponing, and comes out a winner/owner of many canned soups. This might change some minds about the viability of the process.

5) Planet Green: 50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again
Save your cilantro! Repurpose your potatoes! Blanch it, baby. Over four dozen totally food-related ideas for saving food and cash, brought to you by people who like the environment. Also, the letter “G.”

6) Zen Habits: The Anti-Fast Food Diet
Nine tips on how to embrace the Slow Food movement without quitting society and taking up residence in a yurt. My favorite: “when drinking tea, just drink tea.” In other words, be present. Do what you’re doing. Twitter will still be there later. (...I think. That thing breaks a lot, doesn't it?)

7) Metromix: NYC Chef Survey – Worst kitchen injury ever witnessed?
Oh, man. Hot cooking oil is a bad, bad thing folks. But still not as evil as the man-eating pasta maker. Fingeroni, anyone?

8) The Simple Dollar: Ethical Frugality Week – Serving Leftovers
Reader Jim writes in, disgusted that friends dared to serve him dressed-up leftovers when they had him over for dinner. Trent suggests that this isn’t too bad for close friends, but it shouldn’t go beyond that. I believe it’s all in how you dress it up. Chicken and potatoes straight from the Glad Disposables won’t work, but it’s okay to use leftover breast meat for a noodle dish, or as part of a curry. Readers, what think you?

9) Slate: Against Apple Picking - Why pick-your-own orchards are a wasteful scam.
Essentially, the most cynical essay about cider donuts ever written. I wonder if he hates babies and nuns, too. Read it to roil up the blood.

10) Reuters: New York study says menu labeling affects behavior
Contrary to all those other studies, a new report from the NYC’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Mental hygiene? Brush your brains, kids!) claims that fast food labeling DOES get people to buy food with fewer calories. Works for me.


Casual Kitchen: The Pros and Cons of Restaurant Calorie Labeling Laws
Pro: healthy! Con: are we becoming a nanny state? Mary Poppins would love that, wouldn’t she?

Clever Dude: – How we got a lot of food for a little money
CD explains the ins and outs of the oft-criticized site, recounts his own (excellent) experience at a local Ethiopian joint.

Consumerist/Jezebel: Budget Bytes
Fairly new blog with CHG-like philosophy and nice, clean design.

Culinate: Get your sear on - How to cook restaurant-perfect fish
Salt, pepper, oil, heat: GO!

Eat Me Daily: Turkey Totality - Thanksgiving Magazine Roundup Smackdown Spectacular
Saveur wins! Semi-Homemade loses.

Food Politics: Smart Choices Suspended
Last week, it was in trouble. This week, Smart Choices is kaput.

Get Rich Slowly: The Pitfalls of Buying in Bulk
Delves into a rarely-mentioned bulk problem: sometimes, when you have 250 of something, you get sick of eating it.

Hillbilly Housewife: Menu Planning around Budget Foods and Leftovers
A challenge! Prep a big meal on Day 1, and then use the leftovers to eat for the rest of the week. Godspeed.

The Kitchn: One Big Kitchen Tool We Have... But Never Use
A.k.a. Giant Wastes of Cash and Space, or What Not to Buy.

Money Saving Mom: Becoming a Mystery Shopper
Good summary of something I know zero about.

Neatorama: Bloody Brain Shooters
Gross, but effective. Happy Halloween, drunks!

Problogger: How Would You Monetize This Food Blog?
Lots of good ideas here, for those interested in making mad cash.

Serious Eats: Costco Will Accept Food Stamps Nationwide
Half the stores by Thanksgiving!

Urlesque: Internet Meme Cakes
Rick Astley and Keyboard Cat! In cake form!

Wise Bread: Five Potluck Parties That Help You Share the Wealth
Take potlucks one step further with related fun activities.

Wise Bread: 19 Tips to Cut Costs by Using Your Oven Efficiently
Turn that highly efficient machine into a highlyer efficienter machine … er.


Happy weekend, everybody! Enjoy Halloween/All Saints Day/whatever marathon you’re running. (Good luck Stan, Travis, and Ian!)

(Hall & Oates photo from AllMusic.)

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