Thursday, October 8, 2009

CHG Grand Re-Opening, Coming Soon

Readers! Hi there! How have you been? Things are lovely over here. I got to see rhinos fighting a few weeks ago, so that was pretty sweet.

Beyond that, there's news! CHG is looking to start up again in another week or two. It should be plenty of time to get some housekeeping done, and juuuust enough time to emotionally recover from tonight's Office. (Yay Pam and Jim! I haven't been this excited over a TV event since they introduced "B" on Sesame Street.)

They'll be a few improvements upon CHG's return, including more in-depth posts, increased user friendliness, and at least marginally better photos. Alas, we'll also be coming back with ads. Though I aspired to be the Fugazi of food blogging, an extended period of employment inactivity has necessitated the monetization the site. (That's fancy talk for, "I gotta make some dough, lest I end up panhandling for Cheetos on Flatbush Avenue.") We'll try to make them as ethical and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unlike, say, these.

So - hooray! I'm looking forward to getting back to business, and hearing from y'all about frugal, nutritious cooking. It's gonna be good times.

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