Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today, the Novelty Gift Book Industry. Tomorrow, THE WORLD.

So, here’s a thing: the Husband-Elect and I wrote a book! A real book! With pages! And art! And an ISBN number and everything! And it comes out today!

It’s called The Emergency Gift Book: More Than 100 Instant Gifts to the Rescue, and it’s not about food whatsoever. But the writing is splendid (if I do say so myself) and the illustrations are even better. For more, here’s the official Amazon product description:

Are you pressed for time or prone to procrastination? Do you hate to shop? Or maybe you simply dislike shopping for other people? Emergency Gift Book to the rescue for the slacker and the stumped alike! This book contains everything you need to acknowledge family, friends, coworkers, cohabitants, and loved ones whenever a special occasion comes out of freaking nowhere. Inside you'll find IOU coupons, nifty gift card enclosures (to use instead of generic store packaging), and hilarious DIY-on-the-fly novelty gifts, all of which you can punch out and present to friends and loved ones (so much better than showing up with nothing but excuses).
We hope the book is half as much fun to read/play with as it was to write. (Because seriously, it was pretty fun.)

And that’s it! Thanks for the aside, and now back to our regularly scheduled food writing.

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