Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Megalinks

This week, it’s the debt-fat relationship, Joy Fit Club transformations (including a lady who’s dropped over 400 pounds), and polar-opposite profiles of Aunt Sandy and Omnivore’s Dilemma spokesfarmer Joel Salatin. I wonder what those two would talk about with over a beer?

Casual Kitchen: A Question of Food Quality
Dan asks a simple question with a difficult answer: was food better way back when than it is today? I say … I’m not sure. I doubt I would have tried Gorgonzola cheese in 1936, but on the other hand a tomato tasted like a tomato. Readers, what say you?

Casual Kitchen: What Percent of Your Budget do You Spend on Food?
Most commenters seem to hover around 10%, with much of that going towards restaurant meals. It’s slightly higher in the CHG household, because we have this blog thing, see. Also, we like pricey bacon. Mmm … pricey bacon.

Culinate: 10 Sites That Will Help You Eat with More Awareness
Whether you’re concerned about saving the whales or saving your own digestive system, this helpful compilation post is the place to go. From Marion Nestle to The Ethicurean, it’s like having your own personal Food Wiki.

Gourmet: Reduce Debt to Lose Weight?
A recent German study found a correlation between obesity and indebtedness. Of 9000 folks in hock, “25 percent were medically obese, compared to only 11 percent of the non-indebted group.” Frugal Dad has his own take on the issue, as well.

MSNBC: Health Reform Idea: Put Down the Doughnut
The question of personal responsibility in weight control (and subsequently, health care) has once again reared its controversial head. (Yes, a head can be controversial. Just ask Ted Williams.)

MSNBC: Joy Fit Club Transformations
Oh dear, sweet Moses Malone, how I love Before-and-After weight loss photos. And Today Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer has 40 of them, right here in slideshow form. Even if you don’t get through the whole thing, scroll ahead to Tammey’s story on page 9. Girl dropped 410 pounds. That’s 1-1/2 offensive linemen.

New York Times: You Say Tomato, I Say Ecological Disaster
Wondering what happened to this year’s tomato (and potato) crops? Dan Barber’s gotcher answer, right here. (It’s fungus.) (Also – has anyone else noticed that the price of avocados seems to suddenly have skyrocketed? Any ideas?)

Newsweek: How Diet Affects Fertility
This eight-page story might not apply to everybody, but it’s fascinating to learn how simple dietary changes can affect one’s ability to spawn. Most interesting: full-fat dairy products are hands down better for you than low-fat varieties.

Newsweek: Sandra Lee - The Anti-Julia
I’m guessing there have been so many Aunt Sandy profiles lately because of Julia & Julia. Journalists seem to be choosing her as an example of where food programming is headed. This one is alternately harsh and resigned. The most interesting part: Rachael Ray isn't crazy about being lumped in with Lee. She’s all like, “Um, you know I know how to chop a vegetable, right?”

Serious Eats: Top 10 Cheap and Green Kitchen Tips
Handy and easy, though there’s some debate in the peanut gallery over #1.

The Simple Dollar: Freezer and Fridge Hacks – Seven Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Refrigerator and Freezer
Ooo – I like this one, because the tips are easy and it’s stuff that I never think about. Pulling your fridge back from the wall? Who knew?

Time: Cheapskate Blog – How to Bring Your Grocery Bill Down to $15 a Week
If you’ve ever read an I-Survived-Feeding-Myself-on-$50-a-Week article and thought to yourself, “Amateurs,” then this interview with Philip and Christina (the folks behind the $30 a Week blog) will show you there are kindred spirits out there.

Time: Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin
But it WILL make you healthy. Explore the difference with this interesting piece, backed by what seem like reliable studies.

Treehugger: Joel Salatin – America’s Most Influential Farmer
Fascinating interview with Michael Pollan’s favorite farmer. Note to TV development departments: this guy needs his own show immediately. Dude can TALK. (Thanks to The Kitchn for the link.)

Wise Bread: The Five-Day Freeze: Batch Cooking for the Rest of Us
What, you don’t have 12 spare hours to put aside every week? No worries. Lindsay Knerl will show you how you can still pull off batch cooking without neglecting your children/job/lovah/catching-up-on-Season-2-of-Mad Men.

(Photos courtesy of The District Domestic, Complete Garden, and Slow Food Charlotte.)

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