Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Megalinks

Amateur Gourmet: Dinner at El Bulli, the Greatest Restaurant in the World
30 courses, none of which I’ve ever seen in my life, all presented in awesome comic book form. So neat. (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.)

The American: The Omnivore’s Delusion - Against the Agri-intellectuals
An American farmer fires back against Food Inc., Michael Pollan, and pretty much everybody else who’s like, “the food system is messed up, yo.” It’s nice to get an opposing point of view. (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

CNN: Muppet Diplomacy
Nothing to do with food, everything to do with Kermit. Why drop bombs when you can send in Fozzy the Bear?

Consumerist: Bring Out Your Pig, The Mobile Slaughterhouse Is Here!
Ingenious … or insanity? Either way, there’s bacon.

Consumerist: Consumers Finally Growing Some Damned Sense, Not Buying Bottled Water
Thank goodness. Bottled water is bad for everyone. Especially this Mother Jones writer.

GenX Finance: My Brown Bag Lunch Experiment – Save Over $1,000 a Year
Mr. and Mrs. GenX brown-bagged it for a year, and then did the math to see how much they banked. You knew bringing lunch to work could save you cash, but did you know you could buy a new computer with it?

The Independent: The 10 Best Children’s Cookbooks
As someone with zero children, I can not confirm the veracity of this article. I can send it along, though. P.S.: the Shrek Cookbook (#8) looks kind of fun.

New York Times: Image Problem? Don’t Pity the Bell
Though loathed by many for their inoffensiveness and/or earthy flavor, green bell peppers can be quite delicious. No, seriously.

New York Times: After 48 Years, Julia Child Has a Big Best Seller, Butter and All
Bon Appetit, Jules!

Serious Eats: Brooklyn Water Bagels in DelRay Beach, Florida
It’s long been rumored that Brooklyn bagels transcend the competition because of the borough’s water, a fizzy, somewhat cloudy brew (at least from my faucet) that does something magical to the cooking process. This bagel place in Florida imports their H20 from BK, apparently proving the myth to be true. REPRESENT, my fellow N-trainers!

Serious Eats: Movies That Go Beyond Food, Inc.
Comprehensive guide to food documentaries that goes well beyond usual suggestions. Rev your Netflix subscriptions, sweet readers.

Serious Eats: Save Money and Time, Cut Down on Waste by Joining a Co-op or Buying Club
Lots of folks might be aware of the Co-op option, but Buying Clubs are far less well-known. A good idea worth the time it takes to explore.

The Simple Dollar: Eating What You Have on Hand
Trent’s decided to, “start cooking some healthy and very inexpensive staple foods once a week in bulk, store them in containers in the fridge, and utilize them all throughout the week in various dishes.” I like this.

The Simple Dollar: The Real Lessons of “How Low Can You Go?”
Trent’s been cooking meals from NPR’s How Low Can You Go challenge for eight weeks now, and this is what he’s learned.

Slate: Thou Shalt Be Debt Free - Which is more important: tithing or paying off my $13,000 credit-card debt?
Extremely well-written advice column response that might help folks of faith decide their finances. Definitely worth a look if you’re a serial donater.

Stonesoup: How to Host a Vegetarian Feast
Excellent piece for carnivore chefs with veggie buds. “Look to cuisines that naturally favor vegetarians” are words to live by. (Or cook by.) (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

Time.com: Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food
Every single problem with our food system is summed up in the first paragraph. The four pages after that contain both detailed explanations and prospective solutions to our issues. This would make a fantastic addition to a college syllabus.

USA Today: Steer Toward Healthy Food
As we enter the final week before school starts, this clip-n-save article could help you find healthy treats on road trips. Bon voyage, sweet travelers.

Zen Habits: The 7 Essential Rules To Optimum Health & Weight Loss
Must … commit … to … memory … but wait … can’t seem to do so … memory … too full of … trivial … movie quotes … so say it once and say it loud … I’m black and I’m proud …

(Photos courtesy of TVgasm and The Leftover Queen.)

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