Friday, March 18, 2011

Top Ten Links of the Week: 3/11/11 - 3/17/11

Hi team CHG! Gonna keep this one a little short today, so I may bask in the glorious shiny thing that's planted itself in the middle of the sky. Yes, I'm talking about the alien ship. We are theirs now, and I, for one, greet our green-gilled overlords.

1) The Atlantic: The World-Class Local Foods That Gardeners Have Overlooked
Neat, neat piece by Hunger Angler Gardner Cook blogger Hank Shaw about oft-ignored food that grows in the wild. Groundnuts, ho!

Wiki - Ansel Adams
2) New York Times: Itinerant Life Weights on Farmworkers' Children
The families who pick our vegetables have children who must go to school. Only, they have it way, way, way tougher than other kids.

3) Oregon Live: The pantry principle - Serve up easy dinners by cooking what you have
I love the Oregonian's food articles because they're always way thoughtful and extensive. This one's another winner.

4) Grub Street: America's Next Great Restaurant (Recap)
Why watch the show when David Rees' recaps are so much fun?

5) Huffington Post: Giving Back - How You and the Food Community Can Help Struggling Families
Marcus Samuelsson says: Buy local. But with more words and better explanations.

6) Diner’s Journal: The DIY Cooking Bibliography
Love this link roundup of make-it-yo-dang-self blogs, focusing on food and the kitchen. Especially helpful if you're into preserving.

7) Food Politics: Soda companies vs. soda taxes - breathtaking creativity
Though their products are almost always mentioned as part of the reason for the rise in obesity, Pepsi, Coke, and similar businesses are making huge contributions toward anti-obesity initiatives. And the cycle continues.

8) Wise Bread: Affordable Sustainable Seafood Choices for Your Table
Nice little roundup with some unexpected suggestions. (Seaweed!) Also worthy of notice: squid, clams, sardines and anchovies, as well as various other shellfish and some cephalopods.

9) Casual Kitchen: An Easier Way to Crack an Egg - Blunt Force Trauma
Love the title, love the process.

10) Money Saving Mom: My Stock-Up Price List
Crystal finally shares what she'll pay for food. We are rank amateurs, people.


The Epi-Log: Best Recipes for New Teen Vegetarians?
Chili! Chili!

Food Politics: Once again, kids prefer foods in packages with cartoons
Um … duh?

Serious Eats: What You Should Know About the Primer
"The Farm Bill, formally titled the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act, is a huge piece of legislation. Its 15 titles outline policies ranging from crop subsidies to agricultural research to nutrition programs." Will it be affected by the newfangled initiatives towards healthier eating? Remains to be seen.

Words to Eat By: Food Swap in The New York Times
Yay Deb!


Endless Simmer: 100 Ways to Cook with Guinness
Guinness: It's not just for drinking anymore. You can eat it now, too.

From Wiki Commons' Koolgiy
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