Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ask the Internet: A Week of Portable Meals?

Today's question comes from reader Beth:

Q: I will be going to grown-up art camp soon and need to bring my own food for one week of breakfast and lunches, and something to take to share for snacks with the group.

From Wiki's Jennifer R.
There is a fridge and some cupboard space (shared with 10 people so not much space). Cooking will be limited to what I can do in a small saucepan (no actual cooking). I need ideas for things I can make ahead and take with me that can supplement instant oatmeal, single-serve soups and maybe a bag or two of baby carrots or some apples. I have a great granola bar recipe but am looking for other ideas that are healthy (high fiber, low cal, low sugar) and can keep for a week and not take up much space. Any ideas?

A: Wow. This one's a puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in granola bar. Dried fruits and nuts would be my immediate go-to for snacking purposes, though homemade trail mix would also be lovely. If you can bring any cans, beans and tuna could make tasty, protein-heavy wraps. Of course, there's always good ol' PB&J, as well.

Readers, color me stumped. What do you suggest?

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