Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ask the Internet: Inexpensive Holiday Wines?

Greetings, sweet readers! Today's post comes from a CHG Facebook discussion a few weeks ago.

Q: With the holidays fast approaching, we'd all like to imbibe a bit. So, what are your favorite inexpensive wines?

A: While Trader Joe's house brand, good ol' Three Buck Chuck, is always a hit, Indaba's Sauvignon Blanc has really become a recent favorite. It's flavorful without hitting you over the head, and I can usually find it for around $8 a bottle.

Readers, what about you? Lettuce discuss some boozery.

Want to ask the interweb a question? Post one in the comment section, or write to Cheaphealthygood@gmail.com. Then, tune in next Tuesday for an answer/several answers from the good people of the World Wide Net.

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