Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ask the Internet: Best Meals to Bring the Laid Up?

Hey folks! Today’s question is inspired by chilly, sneezy weather in the Northeast.

Q: We’ve all had loved ones confined to pregnancy bedrest or a few days of quiet recovery from surgery. And during those times, it’s tough for them to put clothes on, never mind cook.

So, what are your favorite make-ahead or freezer-ready dishes to bring laid up friends and family?

A: Readers, I don’t have much experience in this area, though I’ve made a few chilis that folks seem to appreciate. What are your best all-time healing meals?

Want to ask the interweb a question? Post one in the comment section, or write to Cheaphealthygood@gmail.com. Then, tune in next Tuesday for an answer/several answers from the good people of the World Wide Net.

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