Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank You!

Hi sweet readers,

Links are coming shortly, but I wanted to thank everyone who wrote in to Monday's kitteh-heavy Ask the Internet. Your suggestions have been invaluable, and in the last four days or so, we:

  • Started feeding Tim Riggins like a nine-pound cat instead of a 35-pound dog. This has already made a Hummer-sized dent in our scooping responsibilities.
  • Are gradually switching him from Target brand litter to Feline Pine. I swear, I could taste the clay dust on my tongue last week, so this has been huge.
  • Combed the pet store, reading ingredient lists on cat food bags. We settled on a small bag of Nutro adult, and will see how he adjusts. (Though, I think we'll be okay. This cat eats anything vaguely food-shaped.)
  • Gave him a wine cork, milk container seal, and a paper towel tube to play with. Between those, a $2 packet of jingly balls, and the feather-on-a-stick our neighbors left when they moved, he's been pretty happy.
We're still working on a slight nipping problem, but beyond that, it's all systems go. Thank you again for helping us go from feline-ignorant to feline-semi-knowledgeable.

Links are on their way!

Kris & Husband-Elect

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