Friday, July 3, 2009

Sonic Giveaway #2: We Have Winners!

Best. Giveaway. Ever. Thanks to everyone who entered, because the haikus were super-fun to read. Poets, all of you! Alas, we can only have five winners, and here they are, along with their respective masterpieces (as selected by

#8: Emily
Oh, Chicken tikka
Masala, British curry

yummy masterpiece.

#20: Crayl
creamy luscious cold
churned so gently, smoothly

in a cone mine.yum.

#47: deb meyers
Eyes closed must open now
hot fragrant bitter smell wafts

from my coffee cup

#53: nfhuth
Beans, fresh corn, bay leaf
Roma, potato, onion—

Any soup is good.

#56: special55k
bacon, is awesome
with cheese, chocolate, anything

i love it so much

If you guys can shoot me your home addresses (, I can get those $25 gift cards out to you a.s.a.p.

For kicks, these were a few of my non-winning favorites. Most were hilarious (Muki), a few were downright gorgeous (Anne), and one (Kathi) had a Liz Lemon reference, which is always good by me. Enjoy!

Bar-B-Q my love
Warm brisket smothered in sauce

Oops it's on my face

-Adam Truax

Enchiladas are
the greatest food known to man.
Make mine with green sauce.

-Pat Thomas

Lowly coconut
your rough exterior hides

such sweet surprises
-Anne Sexton

Gasp! Better than sex?
Hazelnut Ritter Sport -
Proof that God exists.

-kit & kaboodle

The lovely doughnut
Neverending circle of
Sweet deliciousness

-Stephanie Reed

Sweet arctic shards melt
through straws; the homemade slurpee,

with its brain-freeze kiss.


Haikus are too short
to express the immense love
I feel for Sonic.


Burrito Grande
"Spicy Chicken Wrap With Rice"

Is there a difference?

pizza pizza piz
za pepperoni pizza

pizza pizza pie


Dear potato chips
Salty and crunchy goodness

Want to go to there

-Kathi in NJ

Thanks again, everyone! For further reading, all the haiku entries can be found in this post's comment section. And be on the lookout for today’s recipe (Grilled Banans with Chocolate), which will be up a little later.

(Image courtesy of Courier Times.)

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