Monday, July 27, 2009

GUEST POST: White Sangria - I Am a Thoughtful Hostess

Kris and Leigh (that’s us) are on vacation this week, so we asked some of our most hilarious friends to pen guest columns for CHG. Today, we’re kicking everything off with the lovely Cindee.

Who doesn't love throwing a party? Good friends, good food, good drink. Those few minutes of pure adrenaline right before the first guests arrive...I love it all.

I'm currently planning a housewarming party. My boyfriend and I recently moved into an actual adult apartment, which we have furnished with actual adult furniture. We are now required to have an actual adult party. A celebration of good fortune and adulthood!

If I put every party that I have ever had on a timeline, it would go something like this:

1980's Theme: Parents away!
Guest List: Andrew Warde High School
Menu: Beer

1990's Theme: I Like Parties!
Guest List: NYC friends
Menu: BYOB and "doctored" hummus

2000's Theme: The Holidays!
Guest List: Extended NYC friends and friends from Brooklyn
Menu: light appetizers and wine

I've definitely moved beyond the kegger, and have spent a few anxious nights trying to figure out what kind of party it should be.

So without hesitation, I turned to Martha.

It was as if she knew I would be seeking out her advice. I was led to a simply delightful quiz that aimed to set me straight on the path to housewarming enlightenment:

What Kind of Hostess Are You?

You are undoubtedly A Thoughtful Hostess

You plan ahead to ensure that the events you host are special and that your guests feel welcome. Friends feel comfortable in your home and enjoy bringing signature dishes to your table. You're known for featuring unique touches without going overboard.
Martha's assessment of my hostessing skills was eerily similar to my horoscope for that very day. Now THAT'S a good thing!

I am so relieved. I have focus! I am unique!

This is going to be a great party.

I can already feel the adrenaline.

White Cingria (Sangria) With Fresh Fruit Ice Cubes
A perfectly unique beverage

2 bottles Pinot Grigio or any light, citrusy white wine
1 bottle Looza Tropical Fruit Nectar
Various and sundry fruits that freeze well: grapes, peaches, nectarines
Various and sundry fruits for garnish: tangelos, blood oranges, apples, blackberries

For the Fresh Fruit Ice Cubes:
1) Cut up peaches and nectarines into 1" or so chunks.

2) Place grapes and other fruits in freezer bags and freeze overnight

3) These are your ice cubes!

For the White Sangria:
1) Mix wine and nectar in a pitcher, add fruit cubes, garnish, and drink to your good fortune!

Cindee Weiss enjoys making food funny. She does this at Little Kitchen Mouse. She is also a contributor to Media Freak.

(Photo courtesy of Drink Recipes.)

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