Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ask the Internet: Parents and Ethnic Food

ETA @ 4:40pm EST: You guys, I'm an idiot, and I should have phrased this differently, to be more inclusive of various cultures. (Something like what commenter frabjous suggested: "Do your parents eat foods from cultural traditions other than their own") I apologize, and hope we can re-consider the question from that point of view.

Today's question comes from the new knowledge that my mom likes Thai Peanut Curry. It's actually many questions, but I think it could lead to an interesting discussion.

Q: Do your parents eat at ethnic (meaning: not traditional American-style) restaurants? If so, what kind, and how did the change come about? If not, are you trying to expand their palates? How?

Wiki's Jucember
A: Native New Yorkers both, my parents grew up with the occasional ethnic meal, usually Italian or Irish. As they grew older, Chinese dishes crept into their diets, and nowadays, they're crazy about Thai food. I'd love to get them into Japanese or Indian, but my dad's aversion to curry and raw fish might prevent that from ever happening. This has translated somewhat into their homecooking, mostly through Italian- and Chinese-style dishes.

So, what about you guys?

Note: I'd like to focus specifically on parents, and/or people whose eating styles have been entrenched for a few decades. Might turn the responses into tomorrow's post...

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