Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask the Internet: Meat Ideas for an Ex-Vegetarian?

This week's question comes from our very own Jaime, writer of the mighty Green Kitchen column.

From Flickr's Shawnzam
Q: Dear internet,

I recently started eating meat again after 13 years of vegetarianism. I love to cook [obvs] and am excited about these new options, but although I know veggies and soy products well, I've never cooked meat, as I went veg back when my mom was still packing my lunches.

What are some inexpensive cuts of meat that can be prepared easily? (I don't - yet - have a slow cooker.) I want to stay away from factory-farmed meat, but humanely-raised chicken is easily gettable for me. (I also can't cook fish at home, because my boyfriend is majorly allergic.) So where should I start?

[Meat is so tasty!]

A: Jaime! Man, it's so tempting to write "bacon" and scuttle away, cackling all the while.

Instead, I'll point you to chicken thighs. They're inexpensive, nutritionally pretty good, and very, very forgiving when overcooked. Buying humanely-raised thighs might be a little tough, but after you try Chicken Provencal, you won't be sorry.

Readers, whaddaya think? Let's indoctrinate Jaime right.

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