Friday, January 14, 2011

Top Ten Links of the Week: 1/7/11 - 1/13/11

The links are back, yo! It's a new year, and to go with it, we have some new sources, along with proven favorites like Marion Nestle and the minimalist, uh ... (nothing rhymes with "minimalist," except maybe "Stephanie Zimbalist," but if anything did, I would put it here) ... always great Mark Bittman.

1) Recipe Section
I maintain this now! It’s my job! So, I’m posting it as #1. You might exclaim, “Why, she’s gone mad with power. MAD, I tell you.” And in reply to that, I cackle maniacally, shake my fist at the heavens and reply, “Yup.” (P.S. As you would expect with a grandparentally-oriented website, the cookie section is particularly solid. Not my doing, but my predecessor’s.)

2) New York Times: How the Microplane Grater Escaped the Garage
Loved this neat piece about microplane creator Chris Grace, who was just trying to file some wood. It’s like the penicillin legend, only delicious and less yogurty.

3) Food Politics: Predictions – National Nutrition Issues for 2011
Marion Nestle gazes deeply into her crystal cantaloupe and comes up with eight food policy issues (see: the title of her blog) that will be on everyone’s lips in the coming year. Most prominent: safety and school eats.

4) 344 Pounds: Stop Making Excuses for Weight Problems
Somewhat bluntly worded? Yep. Somewhat totally true? Absolutely. And it’s advice it’s about time I took. (Why, hello, post-honeymoon/holidays precipitous weight gain! I missed you so.)

5) Jezebel: The Problem With the Special K Challenge
In a nutshell: It’s nutritionally and calorically no good. But there’s a much more extensive, detailed explanation inside.

From Flickr's megleo
6) Washington Post: Consumer Reports Insights - Breakfast is important; tips for making it nutritious
Old news, reconfirmed, but with lots of interesting, helpful, and practical solutions to cramming breakfast into a busy day.

7) The Kitchn: 10 Inspiring Blogs on Vegan Food & Cooking
You! Meatless, eggless, and cheeseless people! Heed my call! Read this and weep no longer, for your diets have been saved from a eon of snow peas and cold spaghetti.

8) Food Network: Paula Deen’s English Peas Recipe
Come for Paula’s recipe. (Butter + peas = buttered peas.) Stay for the incredible comments. (Skip the first three. They’re a tad bitter.)

9) Bittman: Muffins, Infinite Ways
Not only is this a solid master recipe for all sorts of muffin-oriented treats, but “Muffins, Infinite Ways” will be the name of my first album.

10) Serious Eats: 5 Veggie-Packed Frittatas
Not only is this a solid post about healthy variations on the standard egg dish, but “5 Veggie-Packed Frittatas” will be the name of my first child.


Saturday Night Live: Amusement Park Ride
Dunno if y’all saw SNL this past weekend, but Jim Carrey hosted, and about 2/3rds of the way through the show, they aired this sketch. It’s about a young couple haunted by animatronic figures when an amusement park ride breaks down. And it’s awesome. I forgot what a phenomenal physical comedian Jim Carrey is. Look at his face. LOOK AT HIS FACE!

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