Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ask the Internet: Camp Stove Recipes for Kids?

Reader Jes writes in all the way from Taiwan:

Q: This summer, I’m teaching two cooking classes each week to about 14 or so Taiwanese nine-year-olds. We have access to a camping stove with one burner. This is the closest image I could find:

We have a pot and a pan to use on it. I made sandwiches, French toast on Monday, and yesterday I made spaghetti. With a jar of "USA Good Tomato Sauce For Put on Italy Noodles.”

I'm pretty much out of ideas. Do you have any?

A: Wow, Jes. Good question, and probably an excellent one for those readers with camping experience.

I have three suggestions:
  • A simple stir fry.
  • Fajitas, because kids like anything they can eat with their hands.
  • Eggs, several ways - scrambled, over-easy, poached - you name it. Easy, versatile, and breakfast appropriate
Readers, what think you? What kinds of kid-friendly dishes can Jes make with her class? The comment section, she is open.

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