Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Ten Links of the Week: 3/26/10 – 4/1/10

Sweet readers, hope y’all enjoyed Leigh’s April Fools joke from yesterday. Just to confirm: her 19-year vegetarian streak is still going strong. Not even bacon can break her resolve. God knows I’ve tried.

Have a wonderful, jellybean-filled Easter weekend, and we'll see you back here Monday. In the meantime, the links!

1) MSN Smart Spending: Store- vs. name-brand cereal - What kids think
Guest poster Len Penzo rounded up the neighborhood kids for a six-cereal taste test. Name brands win by a small margin, but generics put up a good fight. And? The price difference is enough to endorse generics. Off to find some Tiny Frosted Wheat Squares!

2) Jezebel: Jennifer Hudson’s Pitch Perfect Weight Watchers Campaign
Oh, wow. This is nothing but win: the Oscar winner is pitching for WW these days, and nowhere in either of her TV spots does she mention the actual amount of weight she’s lost. Both ads focus entirely on feeling healthier and setting a good example. And I am telling you, I like it. And YOU, and YOU, and YOU, you’re gonna love it (too).

3) Urlesque: The Best Peep Dioramas of All Time
Yo, other sites. I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish the rest of your posts, but Urlesque has some of the best peep dioramas of all time! Seriously! They’re really cute! Peep “Up” will just about kill you.

4) To Your Brain, Bacon And Chocolate Are Sort Of Like Cocaine
No surprise: Rats ate crappy food. Rats became obese.
Surprise: Rats’ brain wiring changed in the process, making more food necessary to maintain the same rush. Later, rats ignored electric shock to get to their stashes. Now, people are not rats, but you could extrapolate some pretty stunning conclusions from this.

5) Slashfood: Seafood Buyers Get Scammed
Yikes! Think twice about buying fish from a supermarket, sweet readers. Many are including water weight in their official measures, meaning y’all “may be paying up to $23 a pound for ice.” Mmm … tilapiapops.

6) Casual Kitchen: Eight Myths About Vegetarians and Vegetarian Food
Dan goes mythbusting. And while nothing explodes or is dropped from a tall building, his conclusions are nonetheless informative, riveting, and pro-vegetarianism. It ain’t just for Deadheads anymore.

7) New York Times: Bill on School Lunch is Scaled Back; Abuse of School Lunch Isn’t
Parents, heed the call! It was gonna happen: with all these food reforms, the school cafeteria has finally, justifiably come under fire. This post is a nice summary of the issues at hand, and should be perused if your kids don’t pack their lunches.

8) Neatorama: Shove a Stick Up … Your Food?
This post proves the, uh, long unproven: you can slam ANY food on a stick, up to and including: meatballs, pie, bacon, tempura octopus, and scorpions. That last word is not a misprint.

9) The Simple Dollar: Low-Calorie Food and Long Term Costs
Preach, brother.

10) BlogHer: 10 Tips to Help Reduce the Psychological Toll of Childhood Obesity
Depression and being bullied are pretty common among overweight kids. If you know a victim, employing these caring, thoughtful strategies might ease the burden.


Chow: April Fool’s Headlines
No links here, but Chow’s 4/1 headlines had to be mentioned. A few prime examples:
Knife Skills for All Ages – Little Fingers, Big Blades
Make Your Own Partially Hydrogenated Trans Fat
Man Feels Emasculated by Brie
Guy Fieri Wins Peabody
10 Ways to Go Green That Don't Involve Personal Sacrifice

Culinate: Chicken Soup, Eight Ways
Noodles got you down? There’s life in variety. (And more noodles.)

Jezebel: The First and Last Time We Will Acknowledge Kitchenistas
Some of my more fashionable fellow New Yorkers are turning their cabinets into shoe racks. Gag me with a freakin’ Manolo.

The Kitchn: Pulled Pork Shoulder – Ways to Use it All Week Long
Slow cook it once, pull from it Monday through Friday.

Lifehacker: Consider Maple Syrup as a Healthier Sweetener
It comes from trees! It’s practically a vegetable! Well, maybe not, but it could be a healthy alternative to high fructose corn slop.

NY Daily News: Corporate Accountability International poll shows Ronald McDonald contributes to obesity epidemic
One woman claimed, "He is a deep-fried Joe Camel for the 21st century.” Did not mention, “completely terrifying.”

Scordo: The Scordo Pasta Challenge – Vincenzo Eats His Way Through Every Known Pasta Shape
In which the author attempts to eat all 158 (scratch that - 310) kinds of pasta before 2014. Genius or insanity? Only time and the search for pagliaioni will tell.

Serious Eats: Kitchen Hack - Use Your Toaster to Heat Taco Shells
This is brilliant. What else can you stick in there? (Note: not forks.)


Snippet & Ink Inspiration Boards
Um ... so, I'm, uh, getting married this year, and I, uh, spent about 47 hours browsing this cavalcade of awesome. Ladies, you will not be disappointed. You either, dudes.

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