Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ask the Internet: Family Recipes for Vegetarian, Meat-Eater, and Picky Kids?

Hi everybody, and welcome to this week’s edition of Ask the Internet! Today, Andrea of A Little Bit Rock and Roll asks…

Q: I was whining about not being able to find any good recipes for my family (which consists of one vegetarian and one meat-eater in love and two adorable picky children). … If you have any suggestions on making a vegetarian/meat-eater mixed marriage work, please post!

A:Andrea, thanks for writing! The good news is, your familial issue seems to be an increasingly common one. My circle of friends alone includes a vegetarian/omnivore couple, a vegan/vegetarian couple, and several couples in which one or both people are A) very picky or B) have food allergies. And mostly, they’re getting by without resorting to takeout.

Of those folks, I know many are reliant on basic starches (pasta, potatoes, polenta, etc.) that they can customize with sauces and add-ons. Others dig the finger food approach, in which several smaller plates are set out, and eaters can pick and choose. Ethnic meals are always a good option, as well, since many global cuisines (Indian, Mediterranean, etc.) aren’t as reliant on meat as us Americans. Falafel, gnocchi, and curries could go a long way. I might also read Picky, Picky: Frugal, Healthy Menu Ideas for a Fussy Crowd for a few ideas.

But enough from me. Sweet readers, can you relate to Andrea? How do you feed your family of diverse eaters? Do you have any suggestions for recipes? The comment section awaiting your Dear Abby-esque wisdom.

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