Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sonic Giveaway Winners! Also, Tuesday Megalinks! Hooray!

We have winners from today's Sonic $25 gift card giveaway! Chosen by Random.org, here they are, along with their favorite food blog:

#1: AB - $5 Dinners
#2: Bashtree – Baking Bites and Gourmet
#18: Broman – Closet Cooking
#21: Amy – CHG (aw, shucks)
#31: Karen – Closet Cooking

If you guys can shoot me an e-mail with your addresses (cheaphealthygood@gmail.com), I can get those cards out tomorrow. Congratulations, one and all, and thank you to everyone for your most excellent suggestions. They’ll be part of an upcoming post.

And with that, let’s go to the links! Today, it’s a lot of listing, restaurant questions, and yikes-inducing news for happy couples. All in ten words or less. (The descriptions, not the articles. Those are longer.)

Bitten: Real Food Can Be Cheaper Than Junk food
Mark Bittman gets on the cheap-n-healthy train…

Bitten: The Ten Ingredient Shopping Trip
…then does a little shopping for easy-to-make meals.

Bon Appetit: Top 10 Surprising Health Foods
Duck breast and whole milk (not together) – who knew?

Casual Kitchen: How Do You Define Truly Great Restaurant Service?
Four words: free cookies, coffee refills. Dan has other ideas.

Chow: 10 Good Cheap Liquors
No plastic bottles! Sorry, Odessa vodka. You made college … fuzzy.

Chow: Are Whole-Wheat and All-Purpose Flour Interchangeable?
As it turns out, nope. I could've told you that.

Epicurious: Top 5 Bad Wine Pairings
Chardonnay with spicy lamb and chorizo? *barfs*

Freakonomics/NYT: Vegetarianism as a Sometimes Thing
Correspondent Matt has stellar idea for group part-time veggie-ism. Bravo!

The Kitchn: The Best Easy, Frugal Foods for Camping
Potatoes and biscuits and food-on-a-stick, oh my!

The Kitchn: Homemade Stock – What’s Your Routine?
A.k.a. Reasons Don’t We Make Stock at Home? (#1: Time)

The Kitchn: Quick ‘n Easy – Ways to Soften Butter
Cut up, pound into chunks, warm water bath. There. Done.

New York Magazine: How I Learned to Heart Breakfast (or at Least What to Eat for it)
Older piece, just as awesome today. Good for you, too!

New York Times: Discounts Have Restaurants Eating Own Lunch
Applebees, Friday’s, etc. trying to outbid each other. Working? Kinda.

NPR: How Low Can You Go?
Public radio asks listeners to submit recipes $10 and under.

Seattle Times: Summer Berries and Fruit Make Quick Desserts
Um … title self-explanatory. Berries are good.

Telegraph UK: Are Lentils the Perfect Food?
Well, they’re okay. The Telegraph begs to disagree with me.

Time Magazine: First Comes Love, Then Comes Obesity?
Clinically proven: chicks gain weight in happy relationships. CRAP!

Zen Habits: Why You Almost Never See a Fat Japanese (or How I Lost 4 Lbs in Tokyo)
And later: why you never see a happy jogger.

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